Visual Contracts makes impact on 4 levels:

On a personal level we empower people to feel confident and activated to practice their rights in order to build strong relations.

On an organisational level we ensure to establish fair business and generate economic growth.

On an institutional level we contribute to creating access to justice

On a societal level we contribute to an equal, inclusive and just society

By 2030 we expect to have legally empowered
10 Million people
with understandable and engaging visual contracts

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Whitepaper: The future of employment contracts

May 2020

In our whitepaper on visual employment contracts you can read about our projects and learnings that we gained on visual employment contracts.

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In order to make the biggest impact and working towards a systemic change in the legal and justice sector, we call for universities, governments, NGOs, corporates and other organisations to work with us and increase our impact. Get in touch to discuss the potential collaboration possibilities and how you can help us to create more impact in creating Access to Justice and legal empowerment.

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