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At the Visual Contracts Academy you can learn everything about creating proactive visual contracts and legal design thinking, regardless of your skill level. We offer 3 formats of Legal Design Thinking training: Individual training, Group training and Inhouse group training. Besides that we offer materials on our platform to get you started with the basics of legal design thinking and creating visual contracts.

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Individual training

Do you want to learn about Legal Design Thinking? Start the online training and become part of our community! Check out the contents on the Learnworlds training page.

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Group training

We regularly organize introduction trainings to Legal Design Thinking, to get familiar with this new approach. We focus on two main topics: employment and privacy statements; to really get hands-on with Legal Design Thinking. Check the dates!

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Do you want to train your team in legal design thinking and/or designing and co-creating visual contracts? We will adjust the training to your circumstances and work context.

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what to expect

Over the course of the years in helping other professionals (mainly lawyers and designers) to get started in the legal design thinking field and creating visual contracts we have mapped several phases of which most people go through while they learn the skills of legal design thinking. That being said, when we take the traditional lawyer in mind who gets started in the legal design field, the main take-away is that they go through a mindset shift from a traditional mindset up until an ecosystemic mindset after applying and practicing more and more techniques. You can read more about this mindset shift in detail in this paper.

In the image below you see the main stages of this mindset change. When you go through our Academy material, we suggest to take into account at which stage you are at (be honest to yourself) so that if you feel it is hard and complicated, you know it might be due to the stage that you are in and that there just is a learning curve. While lawyers are used to learn from books and learning regulations and court verdicts, legal design is best learned by applying and doing it. Nevertheless we help you with our materials to offer you just the right amount of information and tools to overcome the barriers in each stage. And in the mean time we will work on improving our materials so we can help you in a more customized user experience flow.


In the first stage before even starting to really learn the actual skills of legal design thinking, the observer is looking around for content and examples of how legal design thinking is applied and how visual contracts look like.


Once having observed a few projects and read about some articles, new legal design thinkers often start to engage more with activities, workshops and meetups that are organised by more experienced legal designers, to learn from them and get a little bit deeper understanding.


After those first explorations it is time to actually start bringing legal design thinking into practice. So, in this phase the beginning legal design thinker really starts to pick up their pen and paper, digital tools and creativity to get their hands dirty. Since by actually experiencing a legal design thinking process first hand, this is where the biggest transformation within the mindset shift happens and where the legal design thinker really begins to learn some basic skills.


Once picking up the first projects it is time to start co-creating with other legal design thinkers to really apply the new learnings.


After several years of practicing legal design thinking you could call yourself a 'ninja' since you have been picking up all the necessary skills to guide other people in their journey in becoming a legal design thinker and apply the new skills and mindset to the max. In this phase you can also start contributing to make the change on a ecosystemic level since you are able to convince others in joining the movement.

our academy materials

3 types of materials

We devided our academy materials into three types: Study, Explore and Use. Under 'STUDY' you can find all sorts of articles and material that you can read or watch, such as case studies, books, articles and videos. Under 'CREATE' you find all sorts of exercises and things to do since Legal Design Thinking and creating visual contracts is all about doing. Last but not least under 'EXPLORE' you can find frameworks and templates that you can use to get started. Additionally, under 'STUDY' we have created a library that hold all the content so that you can navigate through it in your own order.

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Next Monthly Meetup
20 October 2020 | 18:00 CET

Every third Tuesday of the month we organise a Monthly Meetup to connect, share knowledge, discuss Legal Design Thinking or visual contracts related questions and help you find your way into the Legal Design Thinking field. You can find the agenda on our social media posts or LinkedIn community member group.

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Explore visual employment contracts
16 September | 16:00 - 18:00 CEST

On Wednesday 16 September Visual Contracts organises a meetup to discover the first steps in implementating visual employment contracts for and together with your company. Join this event and explore if a visual employment contract is something for you.

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Future Series
Several dates in September, October and November | Several times

During the Future Series we will be participating in one of the three experiences: surveillance or compliance?, sustainability for human capitalism, or innovation 4 law. We will be updating soon with more details.

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Monthly Meetup - Co-creating a visual employment contract for security guards
23 June 2020 | 18:00 CET

In this Monthly Meetup we evaluated the design process of designing a visual employment contract for security guards in Latin America. We initiated this project together with two of our community members: José Rodriguez from El Salvador and Martha Peña from Colombia.

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Monthly Meetup - Designing a user friendly NDA
21 January 2020 | 17:00 CET

In this Monthly Meetup we evaluated the design process of the redesign of a user friendly NDA with colleague Legal Designer Astrid Kohlmeier and our client Ines Curtius from Airbus Defense and Space. Watch back the meetup here and read more about the project.

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Legal Geek 2018
17 & 18 October 2018 | all day

In 2018 our founder Lieke visited the Legal Geek conference and had a startup stand on the main day as well as a speaker slot on the first Legal Design Geek day. You can read back about this event here.

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